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Citroen Vans

Check out the latest award-winning Citroen vans from VANDEQ.

Smallest in the range, the Berlingo Van, followed by the Dispatch and the largest of them all, the Relay. Citroën vans are designed for both functionality and comfort. The engines are not only powerful but also efficient and reliable.

The compact Berlingo Van impressively combines practicality within a limited space, offering efficiency and an enjoyable driving experience.

The Dispatch, available in various body-styles, is a mid-size van that optimizes its boxy proportions for practical use.

As the largest van in the Citroën lineup, the Relay boasts expansive loadspace and an impressively high payload capacity.

Funding Methods

At VANDEQ we can offer a range of financial options, including Hire Purchase (HP), Lease Purchase, Lease Hire, Contract Hire, and cash alternatives, all with flexible deposit arrangements.

VANDEQ finance Lease combines many of the benefits of Contract Hire and Lease Purchase. Because it is a hire product, VAT is paid on the rentals which can help cashflow. But unlike Contract Hire, Finance Lease offers end of contract flexibility for those customers who might like to retain the vehicle (a small annual fee applies). Once all the payments have been made, the hirer can sell the vehicle to a 3rd party and retain 100% of the sales proceeds (paid as a rebate of rentals).

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